Our Agile Offerings

Agile Liftoff Workshop

You want to leverage the benefits of agility in your organisation? And you attach importance on the one side to understanding the theory and on the other to practicality and quick feasibility? You want to know which levers you need to activate in your organisation to successfully execute the first agile projects e.g. based on Scrum?
We conduct regularly agile workshops and trainings and the response to these is always very enthusiastic. We often combine these with the LEGO4Scrum simulation to turn the whole thing into a practical experience.

Pontine Leadership

How do I move the organisation efficiently in the right direction? How can I act as a role model, a motivator? How do I make sure I don’t lose sight of the overall picture? We bring together the things that belong together; we will show you how to run an organisation, in all its complexity, and empower all the parties involved to achieve success.