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Magic is in the air. We believe that digitalisation offers numerous attractive options and opportunities for businesses. It enables companies to differentiate from their competitors in the market; with the help of digitalisation and the possibilities it offers, they are able to work faster, better and more cost-effectively. But in addition to all the technologies and processes, the people in any company remain the key factor in achieving sustainable success. They are the drivers for change. We empower your employees to grow in harmony with the company’s organisation and its processes.

Success Story: Value Stream Mapping
DevOps in Practice

DevOps, Agile, Lean & Cloud

Agile methodologies help to ensure greater adaptability in planning and implementation. At the same time, they create the ability to respond swiftly to the changing needs. The use of agile methodologies is not only limited to software development, but the processing of projects in general, allowing complex issues to be resolved in an empirical, incremental and iterative way.
DevOps improves the collaboration between development and operation professionals with the goal to provide services faster and better.

Our team consists of qualified and passionate specialists who take an approach which is both entrepreneurial as well as client and results-driven. Our methodology successfully brings together the knowledge of the individual specialist team, promotes the sense of community and enables the client to realise his/her self-imposed objectives. We ask our partners and our clients to show the same willingness to evolve that we expect of ourselves, in other words the willingness to change existing approaches and to take the unconventional route …

Sven Ossenberg

What his clients particularly like is his unconventional yet, at the same time, pragmatic approach, the direct way in which he communicates and his more than ten years’ experience in the area of continuous improvement.

Ralf Winter

Because of his years of experience in the cloud and outsourcing environment, clients and colleagues simply call him Mr. Cloud – a name that speaks for itself! Cloud and sourcing services are his passion.

Moshe de Smitt

Finds fascination and passion in trendsetting IT methods and technologies which support strategic business goals. He coaches his customers as a server infrastructure and cloud specialist – with vision, creativity and structure.

Consulting Portfolio

We create long-term prospects, build bridges between IT and business and pursue an integrated approach.


Fast feedback loops, lightweight, iterative and adaptive development – these are what every company would like to benefit from. At Pontine we know what matters when it comes to agile initiatives.


What lean means for us: Meaningful and sustainable improvement in the value-adding activities by empowering the employees. Lean is more than just being faster, better and more cost-efficient. Lean – like agile – is a connecting element that creates the prerequisites required for companies and clients to achieve the objectives they set themselves.


Faster and better! These are the goals of DevOps. These are achieved by breaking through the “wall of confusion” between development and operation professionals, through the creation of a common culture, continuous delivery and automation – to name just a few examples. We at Pontine have helped to shape the DevOps movement and assisted a number of clients along the DevOps journey.


Cloud computing is the accelerator of digital transformation and a DevOps enabler. It is only the flexible and needs-based provision and ‘pay-as-you-go’ use of IT resources, applications and entire data centres via the Internet that give companies agility in the implementation of their innovations.

Putting the focus on empowerment and not the certificate

We also provide training for the areas in which we act as coach. We have years of experience as trainers and in this context we also bring our practical experience to bear. From the Scrum Master training with integrated Lego4Scrum simulation, to DevOps and lean, though to cloud training.

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What our customers say about us

Sie sind sehr sicher in der Methodik und haben einen durch und durch pragmatischen Ansatz. Sie helfen, blinde Flecken zu erkennen und Eingespieltes kritisch zu hinterfragen. Pontine unterstützt uns dabei, die Sicht des Kunden einzunehmen und das Kundenerlebnis besser zu gestalten. Die Coachs von Pontine bringen sehr viel Erfahrung aus IT und Produktion mit. Sie haben den absoluten Kundenfokus, verstehen die Komplexität der Prozesse sowohl in der IT als auch in der Entwicklung. Und sie verknüpfen die agile Entwicklung mit dem Value Stream, was tatsächlich einzigartig ist.

Dominique StalderSwisscom, Head of Process Management „Problem to Solution“ & Manager on Duty Business

Der moderierte Workshop und die Cloud Simulation sind ein optimaler Einstieg in das Thema «Cloud-Computing».

Thomas RattinOracle, Sales Executive

Javier hat im Geschäftsbereich Netze der BKW Energie AG ein durchgängiges Kaizen Vorschlagswesen implementiert. Seine lösungsorientierte Vorgehensweise ermöglichte es uns, speziell auch im meinem Bereich des «Asset-Operations» komplexere Sachverhalte verständlich und klar zu kommunizieren.

Jan P. BeekmanBKW, Leiter Asset Operations, Mitglied Geschäftsleitung Netze

Wir haben in Zusammenarbeit mit Pontine angefangen, einen ersten wichtigen Schritt unserer Hybrid Cloud Strategie umzusetzen. Dazu gehörten die Integration von Cloud Services und die Migration in die Cloud auf der Ebene von Applikationen und Plattformen. Pontine hat uns bei diesem Vorhaben, das zu allererst die Basis für eine IT Transformation darstellt, auf allen Stufen der Organisation begleitet und damit einen wichtigen Beitrag geleistet. Nach der Auswahl des ersten Cloud Providers wurden bald die ersten Applikationen migriert, die entsprechenden Prozesse waren aufgesetzt, die involvierten Leute geschult und bereit. Pontine hat in dieser Phase wertvolle Unterstützung geliefert. Wir können Pontine für Beratung, Sourcing, Projektleitung und Migrationen in die Cloud bestens empfehlen.

Rainer LischerSwiss Re, Head Cloud Transformation