Agile Liftoff Workshop

Your challenge



  • You want to leverage the benefits of agility in your Organisation.
  • You want to understand agility, not only in terms of the theory but above all in practice.
  • You want to know which levers you need to activate in your organisation to successfully execute the first agile projects e.g. based on Scrum.

Our solution

We conduct regular coachings, workshops and training on the theme of agility and the response to these is always very enthusiastic. In this context, «Learning by Doing» is the vital foundation for success. That’s why, whenever possible, we often combine this training with the simulation of LEGO4Scrum and experiences gained from business practice.

This is what a typical workshop looks like:

  • Introduction to the philosophy of agility incl. the ‘ball game’ exercise. Overview of the individual methods of agility.
  • Comparison with the traditional ‘waterfall’ method. When to use which method.
  • Scrum essentials
  • Scrum roles, Scrum flow, meetings and artefacts
  • Parallel LEGO4Scrum simulation: end-to-end Scrum project exercise, including all its elements.
  • How do I introduce Scrum into my Company?
  • Next steps/Roadmap

On request, this lift-off workshop can also be combined with a Scrum Master certification.

Ihr Nutzen

  • Your employees are enthusiastic about the theme of agility.
  • Your employees understand understand Scrum in practice.
  • You have the foundation in place to plan the next steps.